Caring for your equipment

NEVER PULL A BOWSTRING BACK WITHOUT AN ARROW NOCKED!!! If the bowstring is released (accidentally or on purpose) it is called a Dry-Fire.  This act can damage the bow as well as injure the archer.

      When the bowstring is released, the limbs spring back into place converting the stored power into energy to          propel the arrow into flight.  When there is no arrow to absorb the energy, the energy stays in the bow and          shock waves blast through the bow.  This can damage/break cams and limbs, loosen screws, snap the                  bowstring or even break the riser in half. 


Make it a habit to always check your bow and equipment for damage

      The following are things to check on your bow before shooting

           Riser is in good working order, there are no erosion marks, grip is stable, bolts are tight and don’t wobble

           Limbs are properly attached, tight and have no signs of cracks

           Sight is stable

           Stabilizer is tight

           All cams are in working order

     Always check your bow string before shooting

           Wax your string after every practice or 100 arrows.  Clean the bowstring to remove dust and dirt then                   apply bowstring wax.  Only wax the naked string, not on the cables and serving areas.

     Always check your arrows before nocking and immediately after pulling an arrow from the target. If any of the       below are damaged, replace the parts

           Check the nock for cracks or damage

           Check the shaft for splitting or damage

           Check the tip

           Check the fletchings for tearing, splitting or if they are not securely attached. 


Always use a bow-stringer when stringing your recurve bow.


Always treat your bow as a live weapon!


Your equipment should be inspected occasionally by a licensed technician/local pro shop