What age do you have to be to join?

The Junior Archery Development Program (JOAD) requires children to be at least 8 years of age and not older than 20 years of age.


How do we get started?

The 50th State Archery club recommends that all new members take lessons at Everything Archery prior to joining the 50th State Archery Club.  Once you have the basic techniques and skills accomplished you will be ready to join the club.  It is also best to try archery first and see if you are interested as it can be costly.


Where do you practice?
The 50th State Archery Club practices at indoor and outdoor archery ranges.  The indoor range is located in Kalihi and has 5-20 yard distances.  The outdoor range is located in Waipio and has 5-110 yard distances. 


How often do you meet?

The JOAD sessions are held once a week for 10 week sessions.  They are held at the indoor range (Everything Archery) during the 1st and 4th quarters of the year and outdoor (Waipio Range) during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the year.  

Are you a part of any other organizations?

Yes,  in order to be a member of the 50th State Archery Club you need to also be a member of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and USA Archery Association (USAA).  This allows you to be able to compete in State and National tournaments.  Please keep in mind that there annual fees for these memberships.


How much does it cost?
In addition to national membership fees,  The 50th State Archery Club has annual membership dues, JOAD session fees and practice range fees.  There are also individual equipment costs and travel expenses should you decide to compete on a national level.


How much do you need to practice?
The club officially meets once per week but practicing at least once a week between sessions is recommended to develop proper form and skills.  If you are planning on competing, members are required to practice at least 3 times a week.  


Do you compete on a national level?

Yes, in addition to the JOAD mail-in tournaments, we participate in several National JOAD tournaments throughout the year.  The 50th State Archery Club participates in the NFAA Vegas Shoot (Las Vegas, NV), JOAD National Indoor Championships (various locations), Arizona Cup (Phoenix, AZ),  USAT Series: SoCal. Showdown (Chula Vista, CA) and the Easton JOAD Outdoor National Championships (Decatur, AL).


Does the Club fundraise?

Yes, the club participates in quarterly fundraisers to help assist with our coaches travel to      national tournaments, as well as to pay for equipment, targets and supplies, etc.